Entertaining Kazan
Travel BOX is an interactive itinerary for couples, friends, and colleagues who are looking forward to adventures in Kazan!

Inside the box there is a city tour guide and some items that you need to do all the exciting tasks.

Yes, this is not a mere walk, but a real quest!

We have arranged an itinerary, which is excellent for a walk and will demonstrate the city at its finest and will introduce you to its rich history.

During the walk you will make stops at some famous places of the city, you will see cozy lanes, which people usually run by, parks and excellent places for a couple.

Each box is prepared by hand with love and a desire to make your stay in Kazan excellent!

The itinerary and the tasks are kept in secret.
No, we are not greedy, just it will be more interesting this way :)

Let's lift the veil a little bit. In the box you will find:

1. a guide-book
2. a map with the itinerary
3. marker
4. birdfood
5. a postcard with stamps
6. a pair of rain ponchos
7. lip balm
8. a backpack
9. souvenirs
10. a wish stone
11. tasty candies

Take as much time as you need to all the tasks.

We strongly encourage you to make stops for long kisses, hugs and, of course, good selfies.

The itinerary is arranged so that you could enjoy the walk and also have a tasty snack.

We made sure that you know where you can use a bathroom. Think only about the main things.
Everything that you need to do the tasks is in the box. There are also some nice bonuses inside.

Enjoy communicating with each other and wonderful Kazan. We promise that it will be educational and interesting!

About the itinerary:
- The whole tour will take you 2-3 hours, depending on your pace (the length of the itinerary is slightly more than 4 km).

- It begins at the First of May Square near the Spasskaya Tower of the Kazan Kremlin and finishes at Old Tatar Sloboda near Lake Kaban.
not just comments
Good afternoon, yesterday we with Stas (my boyfriend) walked the vox, and it was a great walk) I would like to thank you all the authors of this project, who created such a cut design) only positive impressions, even though it was cold and a little bit rainy) #KazanTravelBOX
Anastasia, Kazan
It was very interesting! With my boyfriend for three hours we roamed on the streets of Kazan, doing funny tasks from the tour guide. I was born and grew up in Kazan, but everything that I learnt during the walk was new and interesting for me. You can spend all your life here without even guessing what fascinating places you can find in Kazan. Highly recommended! :) #KazanTravelBOX
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A few words from the creators.
Kazan Travel BOX - is more than mere entertainment. It is an itinerary during which you will steer clear of all the fuss and worries, you will dive into the world without smartphones, the world where people talk to each other and go together (in the truest sense of the word) towards their goal, the world where the city becomes an infinite sequence of unexpected discoveries.

Treat yourself and your friends to an adventure.

Let's go for a walk together with #KazanTravelBOX!

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